Fingrophone is buggy in iOS 6. You can still make music, but going back to the settings screen crashes the app.

Fingrophone is a continuous synth instrument available for your iPhone or iPod touch. You'll be able to rock out with 5 types of sound using a novel interface that gives you precise control over pitch, but also makes it easy to stick to notes from a scale.

Some features include:

How to Play

Just touch the screen! It's as simple as that. Touching further to the right increases pitch. Touching higher or lower on the screen controls the level of "soft-quantization". Touch near the top and the pitch will be adjusted to the closest scale note. Touch near the bottom for more precise control over the pitch.

Each colored column corresponds to a single scale note, with the white column being the root of the scale. Don't forget to try some two-finger trills!

The above settings screen will appear when you first start the app. From here, you can choose your scale, waveform, volume, delay, and octave range. The "Rock Out!" button will start the instrument mode. You can get back to the settings screen at any time by shaking your device.